Research and Innovation Division (ex ASTER)

The Research and Innovation Division promotes industrial research as the main driver of sustainable economic development and collaborates with company associations to develop joint research and corporate strategies and actions, facilities and services for industrial research, and the enhancement of human capital working in these areas.

It coordinates the regional innovation ecosystem that includes the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network, the Technopoles, the business Incubators, the Clust-ERs and Startups and also operates through the local S3 AREAS as meeting places set up to foster the relationship between young people and the most innovative employment networks.

The Division aims at an open innovation model, where businesses, startups, researchers and associations discuss and share experiences and models of action, have access to the same resources and have the opportunity to orient their activities towards the objective of generating innovative and impactful solutions for the whole ecosystem, to make Emilia-Romagna an open, inclusive and attractive region.

The dedicated Open Innovation Platform EROI was set up to pursue this aim and to gather in one place all the services and opportunities available to the regional ecosystem.



Research and Innovation Division


Sustainable Territorial Development Division (ex ERVET)

The core activities of the Sustainable Regional Development Division focus on the support of regional programming and planning, cooperation, and promotion of collaboration with economic and social players in order to promote the sustainable development of the Emilia-Romagna region.

The Division operates on many levels. First of all, it develops activities and projects for regional development and the promotion of investments in the region, including foreign ones, with particular focus on raising funds and assisting investors.

It also builds facilities and infrastructure for the economic development of the region, fosters the partnership of public corporations, the promotion of quality and training in the management of tender procedures of the Emilia-Romagna region and local administrations, and monitors safety and legality issues. In addition, the Division carries out studies and research on the production sectors, and on institutional, environmental, local, economic and social structures and processes; it provides technical and scientific support to the identification, implementation and monitoring of regional policies for a sustainable management of the area and of the green economy; it is also the main point of reference for regional sectors as concerns international policies and local cooperation.

Lastly, the Division supports the Region in processing structural funds and operating local development programmes set up by regional, national or European Union initiatives and performs the role of Regional Accreditation Body for the energy certification of buildings.


Sustainable Territorial Development Division


at CNR – Area della Ricerca di Bologna
Via P. Gobetti, 101
40129 – Bologna, Italy
Tel. +39 051 6398099
Social Capital Euro 1.598.122 fully paid
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VAT 03786281208

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