National and International Networks

National Networks

  • APRE the Agency for the Promotion of European Research
    Referent: Alessandra Borgatti |
  • APSTI the Italian network of scientific and technological parks
    Referent: Barbara Busi |
  • ASviS The Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development
    Referent: Enrico Cancila |
  • AUDIS Independent public-private association with the aim of offering effective support to public and private operators engaged in urban regeneration processes.
    Referent: Teresa Bagnoli |
  • Emilia-Romagna Clust-ERs
    Referent: Sofia Miceli |
  • Environmental sustainability observatory
    Referent: Enrico Cancila |
  • INCREDIBOL the creative innovation of Bologne
    Referent: Barbara Busi |
  • InnovUp – Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem
    Referent: Sara Monesi |
  • Mindsetter Association founded by a group of beneficiaries of the Emilia Romagna courses in Silicon Valley
    Referents: Sara D’Attorre | e Giorgia Cossovel |
  • NETVAL– Research Universities Network
    Founded in 2002, it is a recognized association whose mission is the valorization of public research, which also and above all takes place through the creation of a community of professional TTO Managers. It gathers more than 100 members among Universities, EPRs, IRCCSs, Foundations and other entities.
    Referent: Irene Comiti |
  • PAES Action Plan for sustainable energy, Bologna Metropolitan Area
    Referent: Stefano.Valentini |
  • PNICube Association that brings together Italian academic incubators and business plan competitions, called Start Cup
    Referent: Silvia Falciasecca |

ART-ER is also an active member of the National Technology Clusters initiative promoted by the Ministry for Research, University and Education. Within the Clusters initiative, ART-ER takes part in the governing bodies and holds the chairmanship of the National Cluster on Agrifood and is head office of the Smart Factory Cluster.

European Networks

  • A.SPIRE aisbl  – Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency
    Referent: Leda Bologni |
  • Big Data Association
    Referent: Lucia Mazzoni |
  • BUILD UPON Network born from the European project Energy Efficiency 9 – Engaging and activating public authorities – HORIZON 2020
    Referent: Teresa Bagnoli |
  • EBN European Business & Innovation Centre Network
    Referent: Lucie Sanchez |
  • ECN (European Crowdfunding Network)
  • EEN – Enterprise Europe Network and Simpler
    Referent: Maria Gabriella Gualandi |
  • EFFRA European Factories of the Future Research Association
    Referent: Elisabetta Toschi |
  • EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support Programme
    Referent: Marlene Mastrolia |

    Referent: Enrico Cancila |
  • EIT Health
    Associated Member
    Referent: Cecilia Maini |
  • EIT Manufacturing
    Associated Member
    Referent: Daniela Sani |
    Referent: Daniela Sani |
  • EPSI – The European Platform for Sport Innovation
    Referent: Valeria Bandini |
  • ERRIN European Regions Research And Innovation Network
    Referent: Valeria  Bandini |
  • EURADA European Association of Regional Development Agencies
    Referent: Valeria Bandini |
  • European Talent Mobility Forum.
    Referent: Eleonora Sette |
  • EVPA – European Venture Philantropy Association
    Referent: Kristian Mancinone |
  • NEB – New European Bauhaus
    Referent: Paola Valandro |
  • SERN – Startup Europe Regions Network
    Referent: Sveva Ruggiero |
    Referent: Valeria Bandini |
  • TCI Network
    Referente: Fabrizio Ciarmatori |
  • VANGUARD INITIATIVE New growth through Smart Specialisation, holding the chairmanship since the second half of 2016
    Referent: Fabrizio Ciarmatori |


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